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I have:*
Day required for groom (First Preference)*
Day required for groom (Second Preference)*
Day required for groom (Third Preference)*
Time for groom*
Intervals between grooms*
10 weekly intervals available for de-shedding services only. Haircuts recommended at 4, 6 or 8 weekly intervals.
Day required for second dog groom*
Time for second dog groom*
Intervals between grooms for second dog*
10 weekly appointments suitable for de-shedding services only. Haircuts recommended at 4,6 or 8 weekly intervals.


- VIP Memberships will be considered as applications, Pups4Fun withold the right to decline VIP Membership applications at our discretion within reason due to space or other reasons.

- Appointments may be rescheduled up to 2 times per year. Rescheduling of appointments after the second time can not be guaranteed and may result in having to wait until the next scheduled groom.

- Memberships cater for a very limited amount of large and extra-large dogs. We may decline your application if the space for these services is no longer available.

- I am aware of the $3 price increase across the board for grooming appointments.  There will be no other price increases for VIP grooms during 2022. (apart from puppies who may have grown in size, or dogs who are booked under the incorrect sizing.

- Pricing listed is a starting point for well maintained, knot free coats. Matting fees will apply for dogs whose coats are matted/compacted to allow us to account for the extra time required.

- Late fees and/or cancellation fees may still be charged where adequate notice is not provided.

- Appointments and membership fee must be paid via Ezidebit.  Memberships close on Sunday 15 October and the deduction will be made on Monday 30 October

I have read and understand the Terms & Conditions listed above.*
I understand that my membership will be deducted using direct debit payment system. We will send you an invitation which if not already a member will need to be accepted and active prior to your first appointment. Payment for membership will be deducted via Ezidebit on the Monday following confirmation of your membership.*
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